Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dogs from Blogs: Sadie from A Cambridge Story

Work has taken over my life once again leaving me very little time to post. Since I had been on a roll, I knew I needed to post. What better time for a Dogs from Blogs post! Meet Sadie! She's similar to Izzy in that she loves to play fetch (indoors and out) but luckily we are on the ground floor! We're jealous that you got to enjoy her puppyhood as we adopted Izzy when she was a crazy teenager.

Hello, Skinny Fat Kid readers! I’m Emily, from A Cambridge Story. I live in Boston (well, technically, Cambridge) and when I’m not cooking for my blog (or, y’know, at work), I am usually hanging with the love of my life. No, not my husband – my two-year-old black lab pup, Sadie!

Now, Sadie is more than just a pretty face. She is a lady who knows what she wants, whether it is treats, balls, bones or a good snuggle. She has perfected the art of whimpering until she gets said things and has a habit of chewing on baseboard moldings when she doesn’t. But let’s back up a second. Sadie came into our lives in July of 2007 smelling farm-stand fresh. We adored her instantly, razor-sharp teeth and all.

Loving all things edible (wood notwithstanding), the little furball was pretty easy to train and, aside from a few potty incidents, a total blast to have around. She also proved to be quite the character, taking naps in her water bowl and the like. 

Today, she continues to be a total goof in and out of the water. In terms of aquatic activities, her motto is “the dirtier, the better” (click here if you’d like to witness her mud puddle antics). This philosophy results in daily showers (hence the wet head in the first photo above).  Sadie also loves a good round of fetch but has yet to realize the distinction between indoor and outdoor play to the delight of our downstairs neighbors.

As her second birthday loomed and human schedules became hectic, we thought it was time that Sadie begin to earn her keep. She started joining my husband at his office, where she has since become the company mascot. Unaware of any puppy labor laws, a red button to deploy computer code was purchased and Sadie is currently undergoing rigorous training to help her rise through the professional ranks.  

Working hard or hardly working?! 

All around, Sadie is an amazing creature. Sweet, precocious, sometimes a little smelly, she winds up winning the hearts of everyone she meets. Thanks to Skinny Fat Kid and her great readers for taking the time to get to know little S! 

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  1. Sadie is ADORABLE! That's so great she can go to "work" everyday!