Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chicken Cutlets with Tropical Raw Sauce

I've been a Food Network fan ever since I first laid eyes on it. For no good reason at all, we didn't have cable growing up. When I turned 17 and was going off to college, my dad decided it was a fabulous time to get cable. Not only did he get basic cable, but he got the whole deal. HBO, Showtime, you name it. I spent my entire childhood running to my friend's house to watch The Real World so that I could join in the conversation.

When I first hit the Food Network scene, Rachael Ray was huge. She was everywhere! She started with her 30 minute meals, and I used to watch it around 6pm and then go help my mom make dinner. We tried a few RR recipes and I acquired a few RR cookbooks over the years. Her recipes aren't always super healthy, but are easy to modify slightly to lower the fat or calories.

This one is from her Big Orange Book. You can find the recipe here. I used white onion because that's what I had. And I skipped the cilantro. I thought it would be too much in this!


  1. This looks awesome (though not so sure this is really Brazilian, Rachel!)! I really like fresh salsas on top of breaded shrimp or fish - why not fish?!

  2. I love fish too, but don't love leftover fish. Tends to get me dirty looks around the office at lunch time...