Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slow Cooker Heaven

There's nothing I love more than coming home from work and having dinner most of the way done. I know that I can never count on Skinny Fat Kid to cook. He's tried a few times reluctantly and messes up every time. The only thing he will cook is plain chicken and veggies, no sauce, no seasoning, no nothing. I'm definitely not eating that. 

Gina's Skinny Taste came through as always on this one! Carnitas!! I didn't rub my overnight because I can't plan that far ahead, but this was still great. And I didn't top mine with avocado because the last two I bought I ended up trashing because I didn't plan my meals right.

Simple spanish brown rice with a can of medium heat Rotel.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks for Giving

I’ve never been a huge do - gooder. But this year I was inspired. I was inspired by my coworker who gave up EVERY Sunday to help feed the homeless in New York City. I was inspired by my friend who changed her lifestyle to train for her first half marathon and raise money for brain cancer research in honor of her mother who had passed away. I was inspired by my brother-in-law who rode his bike for two days, through two states, in support of MS. And I was inspired by a mother, wife and professional woman who had devoted nearly all her free time, even giving up sleep, to help make a difference in the lives of animals. 
In June, I was introduced to Amy Hofer and A Pathway to Hope. I was looking for a dog rescue where I could donate my time to make a difference and was sent Amy’s way by a friend. From the first adoption event where I volunteered, I knew that I wanted to make myself a part of this extraordinary organization. A Pathway to Hope pulls mostly Northern breed dogs from kill shelters down south. However, they often don’t turn away dogs and cats in need. 
This month, Amy sent her volunteers an email. Two small puppies had been found in a backyard in South Carolina. 
To keep them in the yard, their owner had tied a rope around their necks when they were young puppies. As puppies do, these girls began to grow. As they got bigger, the ropes grew tighter and tighter until they became embedded in their skin and had compressed their tracheas. Mia and Mya were found just in time. They were in need of urgent medical care. Pneumonia had ravaged their lungs due to the compressed trachea. They were extremely underweight, appearing to be young puppies when they are nearly a year old. They were so scared of humans that they cowered together when rescue came to save them. 
Mia and Mya arrived in New Jersey last Sunday. They’re currently living with Amy, her family and her many dogs. After Thanksgiving, I will pick up Mia and foster her until she is adopted. The dog that was found outside, starving and neglected, will come have a soft spot on my couch. Have a meal every day. Have lots of toys and even a “foster sister” to play with.  

I’ve donated to many causes in the past, but have not quite devoted as much of my time. To be able to see a dog come into my home as a foster and leave as someone’s beloved pet has been the most rewarding part. While I may not always be able to give financially, I can easily give my time and care to these dogs. 
So thank you to Amy for giving so much to these dogs and allowing me to be a part of something so fulfilling. And thank you to my friends, family and coworkers who have inspired me to give in a way that puts a smile on my face and costs me so little, but gives so much. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sausage and Zucchini Cheesy Pasta

Do you "pin"? I'm trying to get into Pinterest. Still trying to figure it all out. My friend convinced me to join saying she has found a lot of great recipes. So I gave it a whirl. I've slowly started pinning if you will and today searched for my dinner. Success! Not only can I find food blogs, but I found some super cool Boston/NYC prints for our man cave. I can share my new pics too!

Here's the recipe for dinner at Coupon Clipping Cook. I made a few modifications, mostly because bell peppers are the devil. One food I just cannot get behind. Blech! Zucchini did the trick! And I'm sure I added more cheese than this called for, but nothing wrong with that!

Do you pin??

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hiking, Football and Chili

This past weekend, we took Izzy to South Mountain Reservation to meet up with her best bud Minnie to do some hiking. I use the term hiking loosely. The first trail we headed up turned out to be a road, and not so much a trail. There were downed trees and branches from the recent freak snow storm in October which made it a bit more challenging, but we were quite disappointed.

After attempting to read a map, we headed up another real trail, heading the wrong way, but enjoying ourselves none the less. Izzy and Minnie had a great time being "country dogs" and us humans got some exercise.

The hike wore Izzy out to the point that after getting her leash on for her evening walk, she planted in the doorway and refused to go out. Skinny Fat Kid carried her outside where she finally got on her feet and stopped being so stubborn!

It was a good thing Izzy was exhausted because I needed to focus 100% of my attention on the TV for Pats vs. Jets. Huge game. Huge win. Easy dinner was ready to rock for kick-off. I think this chili was one of my first blog posts ever. Way better pics now with my Canon Rebel though! Click here for original recipe. And I made probably the best whole wheat cornbread ever. All in all, a nice little Sunday.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's finally here. My Canon Rebel. I've waiting months for the right moment to splurge on this and thanks to my parents and Skinny Fat Kid, I didn't need to splurge at all! It's only day three with this bad boy and unfortunately it's been late nights at work since day one. Of course I've harassed the crap out of the dogs by taking their pictures non-stop.

I have no idea how to use this thing but I do know that I'm having fun with it and will figure it out in time.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics of my loyal subjects! Izzy and foster Topher and Brendan were good sports through most of the shoot...

PS...someone please adopt these puppies!!!  For more info, visit www.apathwaytohope.org.