Monday, February 27, 2012

Jarlsberg Pork Cutlets

I used to enter quite a few more recipe contests before my blog went to the I'm back at it. Jarlesberg USA and Kitchen Play have teamed up to offer "29 Ways to Leap into Jarlsberg Dip". Not only do I LOVE cheese, but I LOVE dip. Combine the two and I'm in heaven. So I jumped at the chance for this.

The challenge was a creative serving suggestion. I picked it up at the store with no clue on what I was going to do with it. I had already defrosted pork chops for tonight's dinner and figured I would open up the Jarlsberg Dip to see what it had to offer.

I melted about half of the dip in the microwave, per the instructions on the package. It created an ooey gooey cheesy goodness that I figures would be great on my chops. Instead of dipping in egg, I dipped in cheese dip! After cheese came the breadcrumbs and I seared it on the stove. Into the oven it went while I made up the salad.

Cheese is good on anything and Jarlsberg is no exeption.

To celebrate the arrival of Jarlsberg Dip, they are also hosting a giveaway on our facebook page. Simply “like” Jarlsberg USA on facebook and let them know in the comments on our giveaway post over there. Better yet, give them your ideas for using Jarlsberg Dip!
The giveaway includes a tailgate tote stocked with:
  • Jarlsberg Lite Cheese
  • new Jarlsberg Cheese Dip
  • Snofrisk (a Norwegian style cream cheese)
  • crispbreads
  • honey crèmes
  • honey vinegar

I was compensated for purchasing and writing about the cheese dip.


  1. Hi Jaime,

    Brilliant! I love the idea of a Jarlsberg Dip crust on pork chops. Plus, because you only sear them, then bake them the rest of the way, it looks like some of the cheese stays nice and ooey-gooey. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. That sounds awesome... wonder how it would taste on chicken? Probably just as good :-)

  3. Dude man, does this come in a vegan version? :) My dad would be in heaven....