Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nose Work and Thundershirts

I have no clue what this blog is about anymore. I love food. I love Izzy. So until I figure out what I'm doing, I will just continue to share my two loves with you.

Tonight, Izzy and I went for a run. I use the term "run" loosely. According to Nike Runner, my stats were pretty weak tonight, so I won't go there. When we came back, we noticed a package from It was our Natural Balance Duck and Sweet Potato treat roll!

Since we've been hard at work on Izzy's reactivity, we've been giving her hotdogs. I've always been into feeding her healthy treats, so I just couldn't bare to pump her full of nitrates anymore. I think we have found our substitute! After some nosework fun in the living room, on went the Thundershirt so I could make dinner.

Sometimes Izzy dodges the shirt and I think its because she doesn't want to sleep. She'd rather be bouncing off the walls. Two minutes with the shirt on and there she was...

I like to call this Thundershirt drunk. Makes for one enjoyable evening! gray is her muzzle?? She is 2 and looks like an old lady!

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  1. Havi's muzzle is changing too! I love that "drunk thundershirt"