Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pittie Pack Walk

When we took on our first foster dog, Mr. Peeps this year, I googled "dog foster blog" and came across Love and a Leash. From there, I started reading Two Pitties in the City, Our Waldo Bungie,  Two Grad Students and a Pittie and Pittiefull Love, among others. Are you sensing a theme?? Sure, I'd probably read Two Grads and a Lab or Two Huskies in the City but I don't think they exist. Those that seem to have the same passion and enthusiasm for dogs are all pit lovers and fosters. So what, I have a lab mix. Big deal. Guess what?? She likes pitbulls and so do I.

Inspired by Izzy's training issues and these blog's local "pack walks" that they often wrote about, I figured it was about time to join one. After taking a look, there were a few in the area, but nothing completely local. I put the word out and found two awesome "pack leaders" to join on with me, creating Positive Pittie Pack Walk. Today was our first walk. Three labs and a bunch of pitties. We had a great time, Izzy was a bit out of control, but just hyper and excited. Hoping she'll be calmer next time!

Adoptable Star


Typical Izzy...bouncing.
Picture courtesy of Chris Langston (

Statue of Liberty action with Gracie
Picture courtesy of Chris Langston (
Miss Minnie!
Adoptable Noel

Adoptable Alesha

Adoptable Amigo
The Pack

The Aftermath


  1. Awwww! Looks like a great walk with an awesome turnout!

  2. This looks so great. Lots of happy dogs, and a great location (love the Statue of Liberty in the background). Congrats on the start of a great new club!

  3. This looks so perfect, and I love the scenery - hope to merge one day!

  4. Looks like someone is very tired after a long walk!

  5. Awwww! couldn't be any cuter!!! :)