Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Two Year Adopt-a-versary Izzy!

Two years ago this past weekend, we scooped up an adorable, well-behaved pup named Bridget. Today, we have an adorable, crazy, off-the-wall dog who we now call Izzy, the Wiz, Wiztini and whatever else seems to be appropriate for that day. We didn't want to adopt a puppy. And we didn't see ourselves with a lab mix. But we're so glad we changed our minds and adopted her. Izzy has given us a run for our money these past two years with insane behaviors and crazy antics, but we love her just the same. In the past year, she's been a great foster sister (for the most part) to six foster dogs and has managed to learn how to co-exist with her "cousins". She has lunged at countless numbers of skateboards and manged to jump off a moving boat even with a fear of water. She has developed habits like throwing pillows off the couch every time we leave and barking at random objects around the house that have been there for years. She survived an 11-hour car ride with minimal vomiting and has proved time and time again that she is one of the best snugglers on earth. We couldn't imagine life without the Wiz!

Award winning dog model
As soon as you walk away, I'm going to destroy this couch!
Pack Walkin'
Snoozin on her boxing gloves
Favorite Thing to Do

Big Time Snuggler
So proper

Izzy and Foster Peeps. Play drunk.
Izzy does South Carolina.


  1. Happy special day, Izzy! Love and licks, Beau

  2. Happy Anniversary to my Grand Dog! (wouldn't Salem be Izzy's Aunt?)