Monday, June 4, 2012

Holy Hiatus!

Life got the best of me recently. But it has been all good things. A new job. An engagement to Skinny Fat Kid. It's been a whirlwind few months and I'm ready to get back into the blog world.

I've been thinking about where to go with this blog. My life has gone to the dogs in more ways than one. I still love to cook (and eat) but can SFK only be about dogs?? A first post back after a hiatus is a lot of pressure. A friend of mine told me about Pitty Post day, and I figured it would be perfect! Izzy, SFK and I have quite the list of our favorite pitties. So here goes:

Izzy's #1 BFF, Minnie! Izzy met Minnie on a walk one day and turns out, nearly two years later, these girls and their owners are still friends! Minnie has since moved to the 'burbs but we still get together for playdates, BBQs and of course our Pittie Pack walk!


Jonas is an adoptable pitbull who is super sweet. He gets along great with other dogs, does well with kids and is pretty much a great all around pup. We escorted him to an adoption event this weekend. He hopped right in the car, popped his bum down and enjoyed the ride. He was easily one of the best behaved dogs at the event. We're pretty positive he was snoring in the back seat the entire way home.

Wiggles is another adoptable pitbull but if SFK had his way, she would be adopted by him. Wiggles can be a bit shy around new people but bonds super quick. Good thing I'm not the jealous type because she was all over SFK yesterday before, during and after our pack walk. She can be dog selective but is non-reactive just being around other dogs. And in my opinion, if she could stand walking next to crazy Izzy for 4 miles, she can pretty much tolerate most dogs.

I can't leave out another fave, Mr. Beau. Beau lives a block away from us and started up the pack walks with miss Izzy. Beau's a pretty well behaved guy and loves nothing more than a bag of treats and his mom and dad. Beau loves to run and play but is no match for Izzy's lab/pointer legs. This blocky boy is a tank when he plows around the park...I know from experience.

I've never met a pittie I didn't like and I've never met one that behaved worse than crazy Izzy. They're loving, sweet dogs who just need a chance. I would have no concerns about bringing any of these dogs into my home or placing them in loving families.


  1. Nicely said! Glad you are back and blogging! Minnie is proud the be Izzys bestie too.

  2. I can't get enough! I could always read about pitties and dogs (and welcome back!)

  3. Welcome back - and congrats on your engagement!

  4. It's so great to read about all these wonderful pitties! Just like 2 pitties in the city, I could read happy pitty stories all day long! Thanks for joining in on the Pitty Post Day!